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About us

About Us

Quality training beyond the boundaries of regular schooling for Twenty-First Century’s Smarter, Brighter and Stronger Kid!

ENVSN is the leading camp vendor to sculpt the next generation into a stronger and brighter youth through advanced training and education programs. We let each child explore his potential and touch the skies via our well-rounded training sessions related to latest technology, STEM, cooking instructions, fitness, art, and empowerment. Our curriculum is specifically designed to serve each child in each grade through the camp. We also provide coursework to leading schools, community centers, and other organizations throughout the academic year. We believe that the youth is a powerful tool of a nation which should be empowered in each direction beyond just regular schooling to expose their extraordinary traits and talents in extracurricular activities along with up-to-date education and training.

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Quality Education and Contemporary Training Hand in Hand!

We’re the best camping service providers with years of international experience and exposure. Our team constitutes of professionally trained and qualified trainers. Our core focus is always on improving the learning and development environment for children. Our holistic training sessions whittle the little minds, bodies, and spirits simultaneously that boost the morale and confidence of each child in their selves and their surroundings. From Pre Nursery, Kindergarten to Grade 12, our programs are tailored to meet each grade’s curriculum requirements and needs. Program Scheduling Each camp is customized with its own requirements. The schedule may vary from 1 hour to 3 hours for each class either regularly or weekly evenly split by age and grade. A camp may hire the services of ENVSN for any day for 6 classes of 1 hour back to back or 2 classes of 3 hours consecutively. Each program is carefully handled and tailored as per the requirements. 

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Invent & Innovate with the best Tech Training

ENVSN provides the best technology learning programs for each little geek out there. We empower them to discover, innovate and design constantly in the fastest growing industry. To each grade, the tech curriculums are specifically tailored. We let each kid explore their passion and future pathway with our tech-savvy coursework spread out widely from design and conceptualization to development in robotics, gaming, programming, and coding. We provide them to build a strong base in each course and master the advanced tools like Adobe, Microsoft, and Apple etc. Each session is delivered by qualified and experienced professionals to ensure quality education, growth, and development. If you see even a slight geeky element in your kid, we have geared to shape him in the right path. We not only deliver theoretical learning but focus on the practical implementation of it to open new opportunities and chances of growth for each kid. Some of our courses include Game Designing, The basics of Machinery and System, Computer Languages, Coding and Visual Programming.

Tech Programs

A better understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics.

To keep each child ahead of time, we offer STEM courses tailored according to the grade levels. The course line varies from scientific studies, Astronomy, Investigation, Forensic, and crime scene solving. Practical implementation along with training session is provided to ensure advancement and growth. Each session is customized according to the grade levels, including lifecycle, insect anatomy, egg drop contest and several forensic practical like handwriting analysis fingerprint identification, clues identification, and other similar appealing sessions.  Be it any field of science or technology, we have the right set of choice for your child. Astronomy freaks can learn about the galaxies and the fascinating codes while young inventors can learn and enjoy about the machinery and new techniques.


Play, Learn, Organize & Grow!

With us, kids learn the fun and healthy ways to explore cooking and cuisine. Our kids learn the depth of kitchen etiquette from picking the right ingredients, making up a meal to serving and table manners. We find the fun part of cooking and use it in personal development by making them handle the ingredients, measurements and feel it practically by smelling, touching and tasting it. We believe cooking is also an art which some people like to excel in. If your kid is one of that kind, we will let him explore each bit of it. Along with the training, our sessions also focus on teaching nourishment, healthy eating, personal hygiene, cleaning and keeping it healthy. Each session is practical and ends with a perk of tasting what was cooked. We work as teams to learn and grow together. In our class, nothing is a bad dish, just a bad hit which can be improved. We focus on encouraging each child to move closer to his or her passion and dreams.If you see even a slight geeky element in your kid, we have geared to shape him in the right path. We not only deliver theoretical learning but focus on the practical implementation of it to open new opportunities and chances of growth for each kid. Some of our courses include Game Designing, The basics of Machinery and System, Computer Languages, Coding and Visual Programming.

Cooking by Healthy Bites™

Building a better world with girls, from girls & for girls!

Empowering girls around the globe in partnership with the International Women in Business Association to let them grow in a healthy environment. We support all self-identified girls and believe in making them strong enough to let them take care of themselves better by providing education and training beyond just books and about the essential mind and body management. We teach them to encourage each other as the best girls make up the best place for other girls. We also focus on important developmental and psychological topics about how to manage peer pressure, finding their inner voice and being confident about what they have and who they are. 

GPL aims to nourish self-confidence, self-respect, and self-love among the girls aged between years through group discussions, training sessions, mind and body balancing, art and activities. These sessions include the understanding of the female body, proper nourishment, taking care, keeping it healthy and mind and body balancing. We also take into consideration the issues of the girls and raise them in our discussion forum to help them take the right decisions for themselves and their surroundings in every walk of life. The programs also include strength training workshops and creating a healthy relationship with others, as well as, their own self.

We create a sense of responsibility by encouraging independence and motivating them to take up more and more opportunities. Each session is built around a unique theme that emphasizes on particular areas that need attention. We have sessions dedicated to famous celebrities and successful women guest speakers to empower little girls with their journey, life stories and experiences. Our workshop schedules are planned 5 days a week from to at flexible hours.

Join hands to be a part of GPL and encourage these little flower buds to grow a beautiful garden. Talk to the representative for details,

Girl Power Leadership™

Encouraging the tiny arty genes!

The earth without art is just eh. And we have a firm belief in it. ENVSN has geared to encourage art by providing essential training and education in whichever field you love. Our diverse training sessions are concentrated on all fields of art and creative learning through qualified and professional trainers to encourage creativity in kids, improve their cognition, attention and develop intelligence. From the right handling of the pencils and perfect strokes of the brushes to the delicate art of fashion and jewelry designing, and several language courses, we have covered it all. If you have seen the craving for art and creativity in your kid, ENVSN is the right place for complete package learning and development in a fun way.

Arts and Crafts

Live Good, Look Good, Feel Good!

We encourage healthy living and thus our qualified professionals provide training sessions that are ever happening and fun at the same time. Fitness training includes Yoga, Zumba, and Dance Class to treat little bodies and minds with care. Our courses also include coaching for all of your favorite sports and games to improve physical strength and energy in children. We believe that the children should be trained how to keep themselves fit at an early age to let them shape their routine and lifestyle in the same way when they grow into physically and mentally fit individuals. Thornton said the association will gather information from its members term paper writer and other experts so it can recommend a standard to replace the requirements now in place

Health and Fitness